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Welcome To The SeqAn Trac Site

SeqAn in the C++ library for sequence analysis. This is our Trac website that complements the SeqAn homepage with a Wiki and tickets for bugs and issues.

Are you looking for the Tutorial?
Take our Tutorial and learn more about SeqAn, for example get started with SeqAn!
Are you looking for API documentation?
Follow the links to our release documentation and the nightly developer documentation.
Are you looking for How-Tos?
Take a look at the list of How-Tos. How-Tos are short, on-hands explanations addressing one particular issue.
Have you found a bug?
Have a look at the tickets/known issues or create a new ticket. Also have a look at pecularities of SeqAn if you see weird behaviour.
Do you have a question or proposal you want to tell us about?
Subscribe to our mailing list and read the archives.

Are you a SeqAn Developer? Here is your wiki front page.

The Trac bug tracker allows you to watch the list of current changes in the Timeline, browse the source code, view tickets, and create tickets.

The icons used at the top of the page (except for the trac logo) are from the Tango project and are in the Public Domain. The Trac logo is published under the BSD License.